Piaopiao Feng

A Software Developer & Life Experiencer

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Hi, this is Piaopiao, a software developer based in Singapore, who loves solving problems and making people's lives easier. Funny story here, the interest in technologies was initially inspired by my favorite Detective Conna film.

As a life experiencer, I'm always active and motivated, in enjoying and exploring different kinds of possibilities. Muay Thai, Boxing, and BJJ are what I started in 2020, and playing drums was even earlier. Hope one day I'm eligible to perform drums on the stage.

My cat Bubble came to my place in Feb 2020, when Covid-19 just started. Nothing can beat the emotional support she provides (unconsciously of course). Even though she scratches me and bites me, I still love her. Once a cat slaver, always a cat slaver :)

Life Journey...

  • Goldman Sachs

    In May 2019, impressed by the culture and working environment, I joined Goldman Sachs as a software developer. Here, I got chances to handle projects alone - collecting information, proposing and discussing ideas, and implementing it all by myself. Also, I have the opportunities to work with my teammates from different regions to get global exposure. For my career growth, I was given chances to oversight projects as well. And more importantly, thanks to my amazing managers and colleagues, I get full support and guidance to be a better me.

    Apart from work, while in Asia Pacific Woman Engineering, we taught online Python lessons for women w/o coding experience. I'm glad I did contribute to help and encourage women to enter the tech world.

  • National University of Singapore

    With the chance provided, I came to NUS for a higher degree. Machine Learning, Deep Learning, and Artificial Intelligence became my research topics. After three years, I decided not to deep dive further into the research areas considering personal interest.

    The experience as a research assistant helps me understand another kind of career path and makes me realize that I prefer developing applications to help solve real-life problems. Thus, I started my career as a developer.

  • Beihang University

    I'm grateful for the four years in Beihang, where I've built the fundamentals to be a developer. Data structure and algorithms, which drove me crazy at that time, become my treasure now.

    Other than that, it was the first time I left my hometown and lived alone outside. Different backgrounds of my classmates triggered me to think and explore the real me and what kind of person I would like to be in the future.

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